Conditions of participation and requirements for the work

The conditions of participation and the requirements for the work contain all important information about the competition and the content-related and formal requirements.

The content of the work alternates annually and is aimed in the first year (competition 2023/2024) at primary school children between 6 and 12 years of age and in the following year (competition 2024/2025) at young adults in lower secondary school between 9 and 15 years of age.

The specific competition requirements for each year are listed below.

Conditions of participation

Requirements for the children's musicals

Requirements for the youth musicals

Conditions of participation

  • The submitted works must not have been published or offered to a publisher for printing.
  • The participating composers and authors/librettists transfer to the organiser the right to premiere the prize-winning work as part of the Ochsenhausen Children's Singing Week.
  • The text and music of the Singspiel must be newly created; existing elements (texts or libretti, children's books, translations, melodies, etc.) may only be used if they are no longer protected by copyright.
    Note: works (parts of works) are no longer protected by copyright if the date of death of the creators in the year of performance was at least 70 years ago (i.e. before 31.12.1953 if performed in 2024)
  • The submitted work title must be in accordance with the title protection regulations. This means that no title protection rights may be violated. The participants agree that the title of the submitted work may be changed.
  • The prize-winner undertakes to create and make available practical performance material in the form of a pdf after the announcement of the jury's decision by 15.06. of the Ox-Ki-Si performance year.
  • The decisions of the jury are final, there is no right of appeal.
  • After the performance at the Ochsenhausen Children's Singing Week, the prize-winners will be given the opportunity to have their prize-winning work published by Carus-Verlag; the publishing rights will then be transferred to Carus-Verlag. Carus-Verlag reserves the right - after consultation with the respective entrants - to publish further submitted works.

Requirements for the works

Competition requirements for the children's musicals (age 6-12 years, primary school)

Time frame: max. 30 minutes
Music: approx. 20 minutes
Text: approx. 10 minutes


  • 2 - 3 main roles, many small supporting roles with only a low requirement profile
  • 3- 4 scenes
  • age-appropriate theme and corresponding storyline
  • if possible, rhyme structure in the chorus numbers for better memorability
  • Memorability
  • approx. 5 songs
  • german lyrics (High German)


  • singable melody taking into account the child's vocal range
  • Range of the child's voice (c1- f2)
  • Unison, optional offers for two-part harmony,
  • optional simple polyphonic structures such as ostinato, quodlibet, canon
  • Songs have to be realisable chorally
  • small overture/ instrumental intro
  • Instrumental accompaniment manageable:
  • e.g.: Piano, 1 melody instrument, possibly small rhythm section
  • minimal instrumental participation of the children is desirable (e.g. Orff instruments)

Competition requirements for the youth musicals (age 9-15 years, lower secondary school)

Time frame: max. 50 minutes
Music part: 30 minutes
Text part: 20 minutes


  • 3 - 4 main roles, many small supporting roles with only a low requirement profile
  • 5 - 6 scenes
  • age-appropriate theme and corresponding storyline
  • if possible, rhyming structure in the choral numbers for better memorability
  • approx. 9 songs
  • german lyrics (High German),
  • Possibility of individual song texts in foreign languages


  • singable melodies taking into account the range of young voices, (c1- g2)
  • Unison, varied and diverse offers for two-part harmony, optional extensions to three-part harmony, male voice ad lib
  • all songs, including solos, must be suitable for choral performance
  • Overture (max. 5 minutes) / Instrumental intro
  • Instrumental accompaniment: e.g.: Piano, 1-2
  • Melody instruments, additional extension by small string ensemble, possibly small rhythm section
  • Instrumental participation of the young people is conceivable

Ochsenhausen, 1 June 2023